Innovative solution for modern heatset printing

Amaranth delivers a distinctively uniform and stable gap to gap impression performance.

This innovative blanket far exceeds service life expectations in practice, thus making a major contribution to customer productivity. A reduced ink buildup helps achieving longer washing intervals, even with alcohol-free productions.

An optimized pore structure has been incorporated into the compressible layer which is now composed of two parts, one of them being directly under the rubber surface. This reengineered construction effectively dampens printing machine vibrations, which can occur very frequently on modern high speed heatset presses.

A specially tuned, hydrophilic and thermoresistant surface provides clean dot reproduction and optimum ink transfer. With its optimized paperfeed characteristics, Amaranth is suitable for the modern heatset press generation as well as for modern sheetfed offset presses.

Blanket Amaranth

At a glance

Application Range:
Heatset • Labour Printing • sheetfed • form printing • big formats • high speed presses
Compatibility with:
Coated and uncoated papers • conventional inks
Main features:
Reduced ink buildup • longer washing intervals • thermally stable cover stock • excellent resistance to swelling • high durability • optimized paperfeed characteristics
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 025266 / 025267
Thickness 1,70 mm / 1,95 mm
Colour violet
Construction 3- or 4-ply, compressible
Surface micro-ground, 0.8 µm (Ra)
Total Hardness 82° Shore A
Micro Hardness 53° Shore A
Compressibility appr. 10% @ 135 N/cm²
Elongation ≤0.9% @ 500 N/50 mm
Tensile Strength ≥3500 N/50 mm
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