BIRKAN Headliner

First class reference in coldset printing with conventional inks

This blanket represents the latest technological evolution: Its overall unique construction guarantees exceptional durability and best printing results.

The micro ground surface layer gives excellent ink transfer and minimises linting on a wide variety of papers. Printers can also rely on the blanket‘s neutral feed characteristics.

The double micro sphere compressible layer – a unique feature – gives optimum contact in the printing nip and accommodates severe over pressure in a web break. The compressible layer‘s thickness guarantees furthermore very good smash resistance and edge marking.

A specially designed rubber fibre reinforced layer reduces gauge loss and eliminates any pull down at lock-up level.

Blanket BIRKAN Headliner

At a glance

Application Range:
Coldset • newspaper printing • high-speed presses
Compatibility with:
Broad variety of papers
Main features:
Excellent ink transfer • neutral paper feed • excellent smash resistance • reduced linting • waterproofed carcase construction • reduced swelling • high durability
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 010865
Thickness 1.95 mm
Colour blue
Construction 3-ply, compressible
Surface micro-ground, 1.2 µm (Ra)
Micro Hardness 70° Shore A
Compressibility 0.20mm @ 1060 kPa
0.28mm @ 2060 kPa
Elongation <0.70% @ 10 N/mm
Tensile Strength >60 N/mm