Folacoat Plus

Premium coating form for universal applications with aqueous and UV varnish

Folex offers the most innovative range of coating forms with high dimensional stability: Compressible or transparent, with aluminium or polyester carrier, self-adhesive, for UV or aqueous coating, with polymer for high gloss levels. The product range is continuously tested and refined in intense cooperation with press manufacturers. For many years, BIRKAN has been and is being distributor of Folex press room products.

Folacoat coating plates make it easy for you to create an individualised form tailored to your job. Of decisive importance for trouble-free production are the time-proven Folacoat surface polymers, which were developed specifically for transferring coatings, not inks.

The coating plate for the transfer of water-based and UV coatings received a tear-resistant, double-layer polyester film laminate. This laminate reduces the risk of the carrier break for largest production runs, and ensures a long service life.

The pink-coloured, coating-carrying top polymer coating has received a protective / sliding film, to protect the coating plates against mechanical damage. This film allows trouble-free sliding of the cutting head by a CAD cutting systems and visualizes the applied cuts.

Coating form Folacoat Basic New Quality

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing • spot coating • area coating
Compatibility with:
Aqueous varnish • UV varnish
Construction :
Double layer with cutting protection, polyester carrier • polymer of 750 or 960 µm thickness, nominal thickness 1.15 or 1.35 mm • protection film
main features:
Proven polymer with extremely reduced ink build-up, also during long runs • smooth, economical varnish transfer • high durability • reusable • perfect register • ISEGA certificate
Data sheet Folacoat Plus PET 1.15 mm PDF
Data sheet Folacoat Plus PET 1.35 mm PDF
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