BIRKAN Super Strip 2

EPDM rubber surface for excellent coating transfer

BIRKAN Super Strip 2 excels in remarkable non stretch properties: Due to its specially designed polyester back, this varnishing plate ensures a perfect register on repeat runs – ideally suited not only for the packaging industry.

The unique construction of this varnishing plate allows for clean stencil cutting and sharp edges which can be achieved either by hand or cad cutting table. The deep stencil depth of 0.80 mm is provided by complete removal of the blanket surface down to the cut resistant polyester layer, thus reducing accumulation of coating in the relief‘s edges. In combination with the 0.35 mm thick stable polyester back, this fact ensures a long uninterrupted production.

The micro-ground surface provides optimum coating transfer and resistance to chemical attack. The compressible layer compensates for uneven stock.

Varnishing Plate BIRKAN Super Strip 2

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing •various coating applications • sheetfed printing • carton printing • metal printing
Compatibility with:
Aqueous coating • UV coating
Main features:
Perfect register • optimum varnish transfer • trouble free stencil preparation • very deep stencil depth (0.95  mm) • easy peeling
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 010697
Thickness 1.15 mm
Colour turquoise
Construction hybrid construction (compressible layer / polyester carrier)
Surface micro-ground
Micro Hardness 68° Shore A
Tensile Strength >60 N/mm
Stencil Depth 0.80 mm
Peel Strength 15-25 N/50 mm
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