Folabase Soft U

Swell-resistant compound underpacking foil

For many years, the enormous number of printing presses called for multi-layer underpacking under the printing blanket. The underpacking foil Folabase Soft U puts an end to this, offering a coordinated range of thicknesses for use on sheet-fed offset presses. In this context, a single underpacking foil suffices to achieve the necessary packing height.

The two-layer compound made of dimensionally stable polyester and extremely ductile polyurethane ensures an extremely high dimensional stability and consistent thickness. Unlike paper-based underpacking sheets the Folabase Soft U has a certain smash resistance and can be used again. Additionally it is highly swell resistant to dampening solutions and cleaning agents.

The soft and flexible PU surface of the innovative underpacking foil accommodates and evens out the exerted pressure during the printing process. A biaxially stretched polyester base provides maximum dimensional stability for the soft PU surface. Due to the PET/PU compound Folabase Soft U ensures optimized handling. Even thicker underpacking foils are extremely easy to bend and adapt ideally to the cylinder surface.

sample of white-transparent foil Folabase Soft U

At a glance

Application Range:
Corrections of cylinder circumference and printing length on sheet-fed and web presses • recommended for use on blanket cylinders
Main features:
Uncoated • dimensionally stable polyester with soft polyurethane surface layer • self-healing surface in the event of paper jams dimensionally stable polyester • good bending characteristics • high resistance to swelling • easy disposal
Technical Data:
Material Biaxially stretched polyester layer, polyurethane surface
Colour white-transparent
Thicknesses 0.35 - 0,60 mm (see below),
tolerance base foil thickness +/- 10%
Important notes
Minimum order quantity: Formats smaller than 50 x 70 cm: 10 pieces
Calculation width: 1 300 mm (Effective width: 1 300 mm)
Available thicknesses:
Thickness Ref. no.   Thickness Ref. no.
0.35 mm 031735   0.50 mm 031750
0.40 mm 031740   0.55 mm 031755
0.45 mm 031745   0.60 mm 031760
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