Folabase U

Tear and swell-resistant underpacking foil made of dimensionally stable polyester

Folabase U is a durable, untreated polyester foil without adhesive coating for efficient use beneath printing plates or rubber blankets in place of paper-based underpacking, which is susceptible to swelling and tearing. This type of underpacking is recommended if hard underpacking is required.

The Folabase U underpacking foil offers reliable support for adaptation to cylinder circumferences and print lengths in offset printing presses and ensures optimum dot transfer.

Folabase U consists of a biaxially stretched polyester layer which offers high dimension stability. The material composition has an extremely high swell resistance to dampening solutions and cleaning agents and shows fewer tendencies to breaks.

In contrast to paper-based underpacking sheets, the tear-resistant, dimensionally stable polyester does not suffer any reduction in thickness when exposed to excessive pressures. Since they contain no PVC, used foils can be disposed of without difficulty.

At a glance

Application Range:
Corrections of cylinder circumference and printing length on sheet-fed and web presses • specially recommended for use on plate cylinders
Main features:
Uncoated • dimensionally stable polyester • tear resistant • high resistance to swelling • easy disposal
Technical Data:
Material Biaxially stretched polyester layer
Colour white-transparent
Thicknesses 0.04 - 0.35 mm (see below),
tolerance base foil thickness +/- 10%
Important notes
Calculation width: 1 300 mm (Effective width: 1 300 mm)
Available thicknesses:
Thickness Ref. no.   Thickness Ref. no.
0.04 mm 031204   0.20 mm 031220
0.08 mm 031208   0.23 mm 031223
0.10 mm 031210   0.25 mm 031225
0.12 mm 031212   0.28 mm 031228
0.14 mm 031214   0.30 mm 031230
0.16 mm 031216   0.35 mm 031235
0.18 mm 031218    ;  
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