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The quick and easy way to compare the costs of two different printing blanket qualities

What have offset printing blankets in common with fruit?

Exactly: Printers like to compare them like apples and oranges, often with the price as the only benchmark. Long experience with our clients' concerns and sorrows qualifies us to write down the following recommendation: Don't buy the cheapest blanket, buy the best. A blanket that fails to match your specification adequately will cost considerably more in the long term due to deficiencies in the printing process or the shorter service life, even if the initial investment appears to be smaller. Factors like annual consumption and make-ready costs should therefore also be taken into consideration.

Our cost calculator helps you to compare two printing blankets in a very simple way.

You only need the following informations:

  • the unit price per blanket type,
  • the approximate annual consumption per blanket type;

... and for the calculation of the make-ready times:

  • your machine hour rate,
  • the time needed for a blanket change per printing unit.
Purchase costs (per year)
Blanket A
Blanket B


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Make-ready costs (per year)
Blanket A
Blanket B
Annual costs per blanket type
Blanket A
Blanket B


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