We have been in the business of consumables
for printing cylinders since 1924.

It started with an invention

In 1924, Birkner & Kandlbinder oHG was founded in Munich by Alois Kandlbinder, a letterpress printer, together with Ferdinand Birkner with the aim of selling his patent-pending rubber blanket with woven mounting straps under the brand name "Triumph". This blanket, which considerably simplified printing processes, quickly became an international bestseller, paving the way for the success of more BIRKAN products. BIRKAN is still run by Kandlbinder’s heirs to this day, meanwhile in the third and fourth generation.

BIRKAN today

More than ninety years on, the company – now renamed BIRKAN GmbH and located in Eching on the shores of Lake Ammer in Upper Bavaria – continues to enjoy great success with offset rubber blankets. Strategic partnerships with international manufacturers have contributed decisively to BIRKAN’s exceptional position not only in Germany, where we act as exclusive distributor for a number of products, but also in the global market. BIRKAN currently exports to more than 80 countries worldwide. About 30 staff, including several sales representatives, are dedicated to the provision of reliable, expert service.

Offset blankets – our core competency

Our range of blanket products – converted and barred or coated in our own production processes for ready-to-use shipping – satisfies the strictest quality criteria and the most advanced technical requirements. Our production facility has undergone several extensions in the last few years to make room for the latest generation of converting equipment.

Direct laser engravings – our new business segment

Since 2012, BIRKAN has also supplied laser engraved plates to manufacturers of flexible packaging, labels and varnishes. A state-of-the-art Hell Gravure Systems fibre laser, a PremiumSetter S1700, has been installed at BIRKAN specifically for this purpose and forms the heart of our new Laser Direct Engraving division.

The BIRKAN movie