Blankets are the be-all and end-all
of the offset business.


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Printing blankets, underpacking material, gauges and press room accessories: Download here our product catalogue (English).

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As a true blanket specialist, we offer a comprehensive assortment of blanket qualities for any offset application. On this page, you will find an overview of the most important products. Our experienced team of consultants will be pleased to advise you on the most suitable strategy for meeting specific requirements.


BIRKAN 5000 Details


BIRKAN 8894 Details

Aeropress Premium UV

BIRKAN Aeropress Premium UV Details

Aeropress Special UV

BIRKAN Aeropress Special UV red Details

Aeropress UV Strip

BIRKAN Aeropress UV Strip Details


BIRKAN Amaranth Details

Butyl Conventional

BIRKAN Butyl Conventional Details

Dot-Master Brilliant UV

BIRKAN Dot-Master Brilliant UV Details

Dot-Master Magma UV

BIRKAN Dot-Master Magma UV Details

Dot-Master RS

BIRKAN Dot-Master RS Details

Entropia TR 2

BIRKAN Entropia TR 2 Details

Folacoat Advance S

Varnishing plate Folacoat Advance S Details

Folacoat Plus

Varnishing Plate Folacoat Plus Details

Grand Canyon

Varnishing Blanket Grand Canyon Details


BIRKAN Journal Details

Masterprint UV Blue

BIRKAN Masterprint UV Blue Details


BIRKAN Plastoprint Details

Polispot Aqua

Varnishing Plate Polispot Aqua Details

Polispot Silver

Varnishing Plate Polispot Silver Details


BIRKAN Print2Plast Details

S.C. 900 E

BIRKAN S.C. 900 E Details

Senator Black UV

BIRKAN Senator Black UV Details

Senator Blue

BIRKAN Senator Blue Details

Senator Eco UV

BIRKAN Senator Eco UV Details

Senator Top

BIRKAN Senator Top Details

Super Goldseal

BIRKAN Super Goldseal Details

Super Strip

Varnishing Blanket BIRKAN Super Strip Details

Tycoon Advance

BIRKAN Tycoon Advance Details

Tycoon Eco

BIRKAN Tycoon Eco Details

Tycoon Narrow Web

BIRKAN Tycoon Narrow Web Details

Tycoon Narrow Web UV

BIRKAN Tycoon Narrow Web UV Details

Tycoon SA

BIRKAN Tycoon SA Details

UV 1001

BIRKAN UV 1001 Details

UV Compressible EPDM

BIRKAN UV Compressible EPDM Details

Varniplate V 70

Varnishing Plate Varniplate V70 Details

Varniplate TPE Blue

Varnishing Plate Varniplate TPE Blue Details


BIRKAN X-treme Details