The BIRKAN saga

A long story in six short episodes.

From the invention of the Triumph printing blanket to the present. With many photos and documents from our company archive.

1914 - 1924

Collage old photographs, Kandlbinder, patent

The realisation of a revolutionary idea and foundation of the company. (Continue)

1925 - 1938

Collage publications 1930s

The Triumph printing blanket conquers the printers

1939 - 1950

Difficult war years and a new beginning

1951 - 1965

Maria Kandlbinder

Widow Maria Kandlbinder takes over the management

1966 - 1997

Comapny building in Eching

Ludwig Marchner, the Birkan system, and a new company building (Coming soon)

1998 - today

aerial view

Successful in the third and fourth generation
(Coming soon)