Direct laser engraving at BIRKAN: A highly professional workflow.

How does direct laser engraving work?

When a plate is engraved directly, all non-printing elements or areas are lasered out. Water is then all that is needed to wash away the ash residue; no ecologically harmful solvents are involved.

The production process for Laserline plates is digital from start to finish – the original data is converted in the plate 1:1. This high-resolution fibre laser has a maximum spot diameter of 10 μm and an unusually high depth of focus. It works with a resolution of up to 5080 dpi and engraves infinitely adjustable screen rulings of up to 250 lpi (100 lpcm).

State-of-the-art hightech

BIRKAN engraves your printing plates in a fibre laser, a piece of cutting-edge technology and the first of its kind in southern Germany. The largest laser engravable plate size is 1650 mm (width) x 1300 mm (length).

Our trained team is taking care of your printing form from the reception of the digital data to the conversion into a three-dimensional screen dot shape to the delivery of the finalised, laser engraved cliché.

Watch this video and find out what is special about our laser engraved printing forms!

Time: 2:26 min