Laser engraved elastomer printing plates

On-the-dot precision.

Product Overview

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Flexo Printing samples

Direct laser engraving: Precision in 3D

Genuine digital

Laser engraved printing plates ensure a maximum of printing quality and reliable reproducibility. Due to the specially adapted elastomere material, the print image remains unchanged throughout its entire life. The frequency of washing intervals has no effect on the image.

The manufacturing process is thoroughly digital and consists of only two steps: Direct laser engraving and cleaning. Find more information and a video here.

Laser engraving machine

The material: Make some savings

A flexographic printing plate with integrated compressible layer.

The compressible layer is integrated directly in the plate – with unbeatable advantages in terms of economy and quality. First of all, adhesive foam tapes are not necessary any longer and can be substituted by simple adhesive tapes. Furthermore, halftone and linework can now be printed together. Last not least, elastomere plates are extremely robust and very durable. All these factors have a positive effect on your corporate purse.

The ability to print "problematic" ink systems, for instance two-component or water based inks, is another strength of elastomer plates. Moreover, they are often used to apply the high, homogeneous layer thicknesses demanded by white inks and varnishes. Elastomer plates are an equally good choice for all jobs where maximum resistance to solvent inks is a must.

Three-dimensional options of a laser engravable printing plate

Limitless possibilities exist for shaping dots and shoulders. The digital undercut option guarantees perfect print results whenever solids, linework and halftone are incorporated on one plate.

New dimensions: The range of applications

Every design of a new printing product raises the question of feasability. All printing processes have their own downsides when it comes to the transfer of details. BIRKAN's laser engraved printing plates now extend your possibilities to a maximum. They are available in various types and thicknesses and suitable to a large number of different applications.

Flexographic printing

Laser engraved printing plates can be applied to all flexographic printing processes: Labels, flexible packaging, films, and more.

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Laser engravable printing plates comply with highest demands in coating applications, especially in carton printing (more detailed information about Laserline EPDM CSL)

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Plastic, tube, metal printing

These special applications demand best possible reproducibility of the print image and consistent print results throughout a high number of runs. Laser engraved printing plates can impressively increase the print quality of these products.

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