Printing Plates and Sleeves

Regardless of whether you print on flexible packaging, labels or corrugated cardboard, we are your competent partner for every kind of printing form.

Product Overview

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flexo plate sample, elastomer

Laser engraved elastomer printing plates

Made by direct laser engraving: chemistry free with up to 5080 dpi resolution. You acquire a three-dimensional image with variable depths and absolute flexibility when shaping the shoulders. Solids, linework and halftone can all be reproduced on a single plate.
The elastomer material is unbreakable and user friendly while the laser image withstands even severe stresses without any changes. The EPDM surface is resistant to UV and ozone. (Laserline EPDM plates)

Flexo plate sample, polymer

Digital photopolymer plates

Your plates are imaged on a high speed laser. They then have to be exposed and washed before they are ready. 97% of the solvents employed for this purpose are recovered.

We offer photopolymer plates for every requirement and application field – exclusively materials from renowned manufacturers.

Sleeve sample

Laser engraved elastomer sleeves

Seamless sleeves unite the advantages of high printing speeds with short make-ready times and a longer service life. They also provide excellent register accuracy and ink transfer characteristics.
All sleeves or rollers we supply are made by direct laser engraving. The elastomer material is unbreakable and resistant to UV and ozone. Different rubber composites meet your individual requirements best possible.