Varnishing Plates

Stripped, photopolymer or laser engraved. Choose the most efficient finishing type for your particular product.

Products finished with varnish appear in a special light. The different impact of different varnish types enables a broad spectrum of applications. You can choose between glossy, matte, special-effect or tactile varnishes. Whichever option you select, we have the plate to match.
Product Overview

Please send your request or file (up to approx. 10 mb) to:

For larger files, we offer an upload option via FTP (access data on request).

Elastomer varnishing plates

Laser engraved elastomer varnishing plates

The nonplus ultra in terms of precision: for subjects with very fine details, fonts and dots. Made by direct laser engraving: chemistry free with up to 5080 dpi resolution. The elastomer material is unbreakable and user friendly while the laser image withstands even severe stresses without any changes. Die EPDM surface is resistant to UV and ozone. (Laserline EPDM CSL)

Photopolymer varnishing plates

Photopolymer varnishing plates

We help you achieve the highest possible production accuracy when the emphasis is on picture definition, registration and conversion of complex subjects. The plates are imaged on a high speed laser. They then have to be exposed and washed before they are ready. 97% of the solvents employed for this purpose are recovered.

Gestripte Lackplatten

Plotted and stripped varnishing plates

Polyester based varnishing plates with a polymer surface are ideal for relatively simple subjects like cartons with recesses, gluing flaps or other geometric shapes (product overview).

BIRKAN also provides a plotting and stripping service: The subject is cut to size with CAD accuracy on our flatbed plotters.