An underpacking blanket which improves your rubber blanket's performance

BIRKAN BK/PO is manufactured to the same process as other top blankets: Only high quality materials, such as pre-stretched, pre-calendered cotton fabrics, are used. The precisely buffed surface ensures consistent thickness all over the blanket. Furthermore, it is composed of a carefully chosen blend of nitrile polymers, thus providing enhanced restistance to solvents and damping solutions.

Due to the all cotton carcass, dimensional stability is excellent, and the pre-calendered fabrics minimize sinking on the press. BIRKAN BK/PO's slightly compressible construction increases the rubber blanket‘s durabilty by reinforcing its smash resistance.

BIRKAN BK/PO is available in different gauges in order to offer the right underpacking thickness – the most valuable prevention of plate wear – for most cylinder undercuts

At a glance

Application Range:
Underpacking for rubber blanket • can also be applied for die stamping
Main features:
Excellent dimensional stability • chemical resistance • minimal gauge loss • reduced plate wear • additional smash resistance
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 006030 (0.30 mm)
006050 (0.50 mm)
006070 (0.70 mm)
006100 (1.00 mm)
Thicknesses 0.30 mm / 0.50 mm / 0.70 mm / 1.00 mm
Colour anthracite (1.00 mm)
black (other gauges)
Construction 2-ply
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Printing blankets, underpacking material, measurement instruments and press room accessories: Download here the current product range brochure (0.9 MB).