Calibrated Underpacking Sheets

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For an optimum printing result in the offset printing process, among others, the absolutely even pressure of the printing cylinders against the entire area is the decisive factor. This can be ensured by underpacking sheets having different thicknesses. The underpacking sheets are manufactured in accordance with ISO Standards for calibrated materials and are available from 0.075 to 0.5 mm. A special colour scheme facilitates the choice of the correct sheet.

A special anti-slip surface reduces slipping and prevents the sheet from being pushed together under the printing plate or rubber blanket. A thorough impregnation of the underpacking sheet offers protection against swelling.

calibrated sheets in 10 different colours

At a glance

Application Range:
Corrections of cylinder circumference and printing length on sheet-fed and web presses
Main features:
Calibrated (maximum tolerance 0.01 mm) • water-repellent pre-treatment • anti-slip surface • Thicknesses assorted by colour
Important notes
Order quantity: 50 pieces per size and thickness or multiple
Available thicknesses:
Thickness Ref. no.   Colour
0.075 mm 021210
light blue
0.100 mm 021220
0.125 mm 021230
light brown
0.150 mm 021240
0.175 mm 021250
0.200 mm 021260
0.250 mm 021270
0.300 mm 021280
0.400 mm 021290
0.500 mm 021300
Tips for the efficient use of underpacking sheets
  • Your packing should be composed by sheets of different thicknesses.
  • Add appr. 5/100 for compressible blankets.
  • Rolling direction must be parallel to cylinder axle.
  • If you use more than one sheet, turn them by 180° towards each other.
  • After smashes and change of blankets your packing should equally be renewed.
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