Electronical packing gauge PITSID

On-press measurements in seconds

We cannot but emphasize the necessity of regular controls of each cylinder packing. This electronic packing gauge will be a great assistant to your.

It is very easy to handle: just position onto the cylinder and read. During the measuring operation, no shifting or rolling of the gauge is necessary; visual alignment sufficient concerning parallelism between gauge and cylinder axes. Compressure differences when positioning the gauge do not affect the measuring value. The digital display is readable in every position and contains a hold-function.

Elektronic packing gauge

At a glance

Application Range:
Measurement of height of printing plate or blanket over the bearer • measurement of height difference between forme cylinder surface and measuring ring surface
Main features:
Easy handling • fast measurement results • digital display (switchable to mm or inches) • also for cylinders with restricted access • no damage to blanket or plate during measuring operation
Product variations:
M PDF for normal cylinders
L PDFfor coating form cylinders
S PDFfor cylinders shorter than 350 mm
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Printing blankets, underpacking material, measurement instruments and press room accessories: Download here the brochure in English language (1,0 MB).

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