BIRKAN Shore Hardness Tester

Easy to handle manual tester for various applications

This is a particular handy hardness tester for shore hardness measurement according to DIN 53 505. It is characterised by a very exact reading of the measuring value. Each tester is individually manufactured with selected parts and submitted to elaborate quality control.

The round, clearly arranged and glare-free scale is easy to read. The dial graduation is 0 to 100 Shore, divided into 100 units.

The application range of this hardness tester Shore A covers all soft elastic materials, e.g. soft rubber, elastomeres, natural rubber products, neoprenes, casting resin, polyester, soft PVC, leather and more.

The BIRKAN hardness tester is delivered with a functional black leather case.

Elektronisches Zylindermessger├Ąt

At a glance

Application Range:
Measurement of shore hardness of soft elastic materials (soft rubber, elastomeres, natural rubber materials)
Main features:
Easy handling • analog display
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 004001
Spring Power 806,50 cN
Pressure Force 12,5 N
Indentor Truncated cone 35°
Distance 2,5
Range 0 - 100
Net Weight 230 g
Measures 75 x 65 x 25 mm
Other Accessories
Overview Product Range

Printing blankets, underpacking material, measurement instruments and press room accessories: Download here the brochure in English language (1,0 MB).

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