The next-generation cylinder packaging for intaglio presses

BIRKAN OPTIMUM is the new all-in-one cylinder packaging – a quantum leap for your intaglio printing process, and a product that can contribute enormously to optimising the process costs in your pressroom!

BIRKAN OPTIMUM at a glance

  • High performance packing system designed to achieve longer service life and increased print quality while reducing the pressure inside the intaglio press by up to 25%.
  • A ready-made system comprised of one intaglio rubber blanket, and three different press boards. The system is prepared in three (or four, if necessary) BIRKAN OPTIMUM sets, each containing one blanket and three press boards, assembled in the correct order.
  • Thickness: 2.50 mm, 2.00 mm or variable, according to your needs.
  • The perfect combination of each component’s best characteristics for intaglio printing. This combination is the outcome of numerous trials.
  • Each system includes BIRKAN‘s unique services: Electronic measurement of each press board, assembled in the optimum way to achieve the minimum thickness tolerance. Sets can also be bent.

More insights in BIRKAN OPTIMUM Plus:

Time: 4:29 min

Technical benefits

  • Outstanding durability due to the reduced mechanical pressure and premium product quality.
  • Improved print results with optimised ink transfer.
  • Equal pressure across all three printing units.
  • Less pressure on the gears for an extended service life.
  • Proven solution for better performance, standardisation and durability of the entire printing environment.
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