Calibrated Press Boards

Essential underpacking for banknote printing

Press board is a special product on the basis of the purest wood cellulose fibres. Without additional binding agents, these are made up into a fibrous web and then pressed.

Evenness with minimum thickness tolerance is achieved during a long calibration process.

The excellent mechanical strength and consistent quality of this underpacking guarantee very high durabilty in Intaglio presses. Several different press board types are available for banknote printing.

blanket Simultan
Superior quality type
BIRKAN Printmaker Standard:
Ref. No. 314010 - 100
Thickness 0.10 / 0.40 / 0.50 / 0.60 / 0.80 / 1.00 mm
Colour Natural brown
Composition 100% unbleached sulphate wood pulp ,
extremely high density, very high durability

Top quality type BIRKAN PSP 3055 HD:
Ref. No. 037050 / 037100
Thickness 0.50 mm / 1.00 mm
Colour Natural brown
Composition 100% sulphate wood pulp,
ultra-hard, high density

Standard type BIRKAN PSP 3010/20:
Ref. No. 037350 / 037400
Thickness 0.50 mm / 1.00 mm
Colour Orange-brown
Composition 100% sulphate wood pulp

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