Glass bead NR Super

For numbering of banknotes and other special applications

Each square centimetre of this blanket's surface embeds approximately 7'000 minuscule glass beads.

The microfine glass beaded surface prevents smearing and build-up of printing ink on the sheet and on the sheet guide elements of the press.

Only best raw materials are used in the production process in order to ensure outstanding resistance not only to heat, cold and abrasion, but also to printing chemicals, benzine, acetone and oil. Furthermore, the glass bead blanket NR Super has anti-static and ink-repellent properties. The very stable carcass provides high mechanical durability.

blanket Simultan

At a glance

Application range:
Numbering machines • rotogravure printing • hot foil stamping
Main features:
Excellent resistance to heat, abrasion, aggressive chemicals • prevention of smearing • ink-repellent and anti-static properties • high durability
Technical Data (details on request):
Ref. No. 026600 / 026630
Thickness 0.65 mm / 1.00 mm
Colour black
Construction 2-ply bonded cotton fabric,
nitrile rubber
Overview Banknote
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