Newspaper “no pack” printing blanket – more flexibility in packing requirements

You can count on BIRKAN 8894 for the cleanest and most precise ink transfer available for newsprint stock. You will decrease your blanket consumption, increase your productivity and achieve savings from reduced make-ready times.

By using a 4-ply construction, this blanket is designed to allow greatest possible flexibility in packing requirements. On Goss Headliner offset presses, you can even dispense entirely with the use of underpacking ("no pack"). Other quality features include maximum smash resistance, quick rebound characteristics and minimum gauge loss.

The key to this lies in the patented closed-cell compressible layer – a new, revolutionary technology. It enables the blanket to achieve precise and even printing pressure across the entire printing surface, even at high speeds and independently of the web width.

The highly ground and buffed surface guarantees a uniform gauge and represents the ideal texture for carrying and transferring ink. The surface‘s especially designed rubber compound is abrasion and solvent resistant, with excellent release and consistent feed characteristics.

Last but not least, a robust, high-density carcass prevents gauge loss and provides increased stability as well as a long blanket life.

Blanket BIRKAN 8894

At a glance

Application Range:
Coldset • newspaper printing
Compatibility with:
Broad variety of papers
Main features:
Flexibility with underpacking • precise dot reproduction • clean and precise ink transfer • high smash resistance • abrasion resistance • excellent release characteristics • quick rebound characteristics • constistent feed characteristics • high durability
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 049500
Thickness 1.96 mm
Colour green
Construction 4-ply, compressible
Surface micro-ground (0.5 µm)
Micro Hardness 61° Shore A
Compressibility ca. 0.15% @ 1060 kPa
ca. 0.20% @ 2060 kPa
Elongation <1.0% @ 10 N/mm
Tensile Strength 1640 ppi
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