BIRKAN Plastoprint

Printing on pots and pails

The singularity of this blanket resides in its construction, which is based on a unique open cell polyurethane structure. Plastoprint is extremely hard wearing and abrasion resistant. Smearing and smuding are reduced to a minimum.

Application of pressure is taken up by a reduction in void volume within the higly compressible cell structure. This is particularly useful on conic or irregularly shaped containers, inner ribbed products and tubs with inconsistent wall thickness.

Plastoprint is a proven blanket for cup and pail printers. It is resistant to both UV and IR curing inks. Its white surface offers ease in set-up, as most plate adjustments can be performed on the blanket. On demand, the blanket is available with a self-adhesive coating.

Note: Only wash-up solvents containing Ethyl acetate in combination with IPA and Cyclohexanol should be used to clean Plastoprint, avoid using acetone, MEK or trichloroehylene solvents. Alternatives for washing are any solvents containing petroleum ethers, white spirit or ethyl alcohol.

At a glance

Application Range:
Plastic printing: pots • pails • other containers
Compatibility with:
Conventional inks • UV inks
Main features:
High abrasion resistance • high compressibility • adaption to irregular forms • easy set-up • high durability
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 212002
Thickness 1.90 mm
Colour white
Construction 2-ply, compressible
Surface highly compressible
Total hardness 62° Shore A
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