BIRKAN UV Compressible EPDM

Swell resistant EPDM surface for UV printing

UV curing inks require specific blankets with increased resistance to chemical attack and swelling.

The micro ground EPDM surface of BIRKAN UV Compressible EPDM does not absorb UV inks and, what is more, guarantees excellent ink transfer and sharp dot reproduction. It also reduces ink and paper dust piling and gives very good sheet release in a wide range of materials.

The thick micro sphere compressible layer provides smash resistance and blanket durability. A stabilising fabric between the surface and the compressible layer as well as the dense low stretch fabric ensure extra robustness and stability to the blanket.

Blanket BIRKAN UV Compressible EPDM

At a glance

Application Range:
Sheetfed • label printing • CD and plastic card printing • carton printing
Compatibility with:
UV inks • diverse materials
Main features:
Sharp print quality • excellent ink transfer • very good sheet release • high smash recovery • reduced paper dust piling • excellent durability
Data sheet UV Compressible EPDM PDF
Data sheet UV Compressible EPDM, self-adhesive PDF
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 010720 (1.70 mm)
010725 (1.96 mm)
Thickness 1.70 mm / 1.96 mm
Colour orange
Construction 3-ply, compressible
Surface micro-ground, 0.7 µm (Ra)
Total Hardness 76° Shore A
Micro Hardness 62° Shore A
Compressibility 0.16 mm @ 1060 kPa (1.70)
0.25 mm @ 2060 kPa (1.70)
0.17 mm @ 1060 kPa (1.96)
0.26 mm @ 2060 kPa (1.96)
Elongation <0.7% @ 10 N/mm
Tensile Strength >60 N/mm
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