Varniplate TPE Blue

Innovative coating plate for large print runs with UV and dispersion coating

The coating plate Varniplate TPE Blue was specially designed for inline coating with sheet-fed offset presses. Its speciality lies in its innovative composition: the thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) surface enables optimum coating transfer under a wide range of conditions, supported by a special polymer intermediate layer for a permanently fast elastic response.

Varniplate TPE Blue is suitable for both water-based dispersion coatings and UV coatings and is characterised by high resistance. Excellent results are also achieved with special coatings such as soft-touch or matt coatings.

The blue coating-carrying top is protected against mechanical damage by a protective film.

The plate can be used for repeat jobs without any problems, although it is highly recommend the plate surface in order to remove all residues of coating.

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing • spot coating • area coating
Compatibility with:
Water based (aqueous) coatings • UV coatings • special coatings (eg. soft-touch)
Main features:
Excellent varnish transfer • reduced varnish build-up • easy stencil preparation by CAD • sharp and clean cut-out • easy stripping with consistently uniform peel strength • high swelling resistance to UV coatings and detergents • excellent dimensional stability in long runs
Technical data:
Ref. no. 009111 (1.15 mm)
009112 (1.35 mm)
Thickness 1.15 mm, 1.35 mm
Colour blue
Construction Surface: TPE, polymer (with protection film)
Base: Polyester
Surface 0.55 µm RA (± 0.15 ┬Ám)
Total hardness 85° Shore A (± 3°)
Stencil depth 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm)
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