BIRKAN Dot-Master RS

Excellent sheet release due to rough surface

The BIRKAN Dot-Master RS printing blanket is known for its premium quality. It is particularly valued in packaging and carton printing: The increased surface roughness (RS stands for “rough surface”) ensures excellent sheet release and counteracts delamination on cardboard surfaces.
Further advantages include less stress on the paper, combined with a reduced tendency to double, as well as a smoother sheet delivery and less strain on the grippers. Since paper fibres adhere less to the rougher surface, washing intervals can also be reduced.

A special micro ground surface compound ensures precise dot reproduction with minimal dot gain on a wide variety of substrates. Due to exceptional ink transfer properties, optimum print densities and excellent solids can be achieved.

The micro sphere compressible layer gives excellent smash resistance, thus ensuring an increased durability of the blanket‘s life. Outstanding edge cut resistance enables the use with a variety of sheet sizes without the need for a blanket change.

Blanket BIRKAN Dot-Master RS

At a glance

Application Range:
Sheetfed • packaging printing (cardboard) • metal printing
Compatibility with:
Conventional inks • hybrid applications conventional/UV (to a limited extent) • broad variety of papers and boards
Main features:
Optimized QR effect (sheet release) • protection against delamination and excessive paper stress • precise dot reproduction • exceptional ink transfer • outstanding edge cut resistance • excellent smash resistance • high durability
Notice for packaging printers
ISEGA certified blanket
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 010810
Thickness 1.96 mm (0.077")
Colour emerald green
Construction 3-ply, compressible
Surface micro-ground, 1.3 µm (Ra)
Total Hardness 75° Shore A
Micro Hardness 64° Shore A
Compressibility 0.17 mm @ 1060 kPa
0.26 mm @ 2060 kPa
Elongation <0.70% @ 10 N/mm
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