Rossa Evo

Premium all-in-one coating plate for offset coating

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The Rossa series was developed for all types of aqueous and UV coatings and is also suitable for the latest types of coatings. Superior results are also achieved with special coatings such as soft-touch, matt or gloss coating.

Like all Tyref coating plates boards, Rossa Evo is equipped with a special surface technology that prevents the build-up of ink.

Handling is trouble-free: the coating form can be cut both manually and by CAD plotter; bidirectional cutting is permitted. The cutting lines are clearly visible on the rubber surface. The plate has very good stripping properties.

Thanks to a new technology, the adhesive layer has a higher level of adhesion, which proves to be extremely resistant to delamination, even in long runs with UV coating.

Rossa Evo is produced in compliance with REACH and is therefore suitable for use in the manufacture of food packaging.

Varnishing blanket Rossa Evo

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing • spot coating • area coating
Compatibility with:
Water based (aqueous) coatings • UV coatings • special coatings (eg. soft-touch)
Main features:
Optimum varnish transfer • no ink build-up • easy stencil preparation manually or by CAD • sharp and clean cut-out • easy stripping • high delamination resistance • high durability • reusable for repeat runs • REACH-compliant
Technical data:
Ref. no. 904001 (1.15 mm)
904002 (1.35 mm)
904003 (1.95 mm)
Thickness 1.15 mm, 1.35 mm, 1.95 mm
Colour red
Construction Rubber surface, polyester PET carrier
Micro hardness 61° Shore A
Stencil depth 0.80 mm, 1.00 mm, 1.60 mm
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