For high speed plastic pot and container printing

During the last 30 years production and decoration of plastic containers have advanced dramatically with faster production and a much higher expectation in terms of print quality. To meet these demands, a blanket has been developed with a totally new surface compound that outperforms the existing butyl blankets: X-treme.

The surface of X-treme offers superior resistance to both ketone based and UV curing inks, giving longer blanket life and consistent print performance. It also features enhanced abrasion resistance, allowing conical containers to be printed with maximum scuff resistance. The cast coated surface provides high ink transfer properties, which in turn ensures excellent half tone and solid print on all types of plastic containers.

The abrasion resistant surface is ideal for carrying and transferring ink onto conical shaped containers without surface wear, giving longer blanket life and eliminating blanket debris in the print area. The abrasion resistance also extends to injection moulded and thermoformed plastics. This blanket is designed to run at speeds of 350 - 700 p.p.m.

At a glance

Application Range:
Dry-offset printing • plastic printing • pots • pails • other containers • high speed presses (Polytype, Omso, Van Dam, Kase)
Compatibility with:
Ketone based inks • UV inks
Main features:
Abrasion resistant surface • maximum scuff resistance • excellent ink transfer and dot sharpness • adaption to conical and irregular forms • no swelling • high durability
Technical Data:
Ref. No. 049590
Thickness 1.69 mm
Colour beige
Construction non compressible
Surface cast
Micro hardness 75° Shore A
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