Polispot Aqua

Economical coating plate for spot and area coating

Polispot Aqua is a transparent coating form for use with water based coatings, easy to prepare and economical to use.

The surface of Polispot Aqua is manufactured using a unique multilayer process consisting of a top polyurethane layer and thermoplastic polymers.

The velvety surface ensures very good coating transfer, especially on coated papers up to 150 g/m², and is resistant to all common cleaning agents. The translucent light colour simplifies manual reproduction of original drawings.

The biaxially oriented polyester base ensures dimensional stability and allows multiple use in case of repeat jobs.

Varnishing blanket BIRKAN Polispot Aqua

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing • spot coating • area coating
Compatibility with:
Aqueous varnishes • coated papers
main features:
Excellent varnish transfer • trouble-free stencil preparation (by hand or plotter) • easy peeling • deep stencil depth • resistant to cleaning agents and chemicals • perfect register
Technical data:
Ref. no. 308001 (1.15 mm)
308003 (1.35 mm)
Thickness 1.15 mm, 1.35 mm
Colour aquablue
Construction Polymer & polyurethane, polyester carrier
Micro Hardness 85° Shore A
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