Varniplate V70

Coating form for packaging printing

Varniplate V70 has been designed specifically for coating applications in packaging print.

The surface has received a special treatment and is antistatic. It enables an easy sliding of the cutting blade of CAD plotters and a strong repellence to ink with a consequent reduction of ink build-up on the plate. The polyester carrier is transparent, isotropic and of exceptional quality.

Perfect adhesion between the varnish-transferring layer and the polyester carrier is guaranteed by a strong poleurethanic adhesive, thus allowing for easy peeling. The polyurethane layers have a strong chemical and mechanical resistance and allow both easy cutting and stripping.

The surface porosity has a profile designed to pick-up and release the highest amount of coating from the anilox to the plate and from the plate to the printing substrate.

All the layers are transparent in order to allow an easy reproduction of original drawings.

Varnishing blanket BIRKAN Varniplate V70

At a glance

Application Range:
On-line varnishing • spot coating • area coating
Compatibility with:
Aqueous varnish
main features:
Smooth varnish transfer • easy peeling • high resistance to chemistry • easy preparation with CAD plotter or manually
Technical data:
Ref. no. 009110 (1.15 mm)
009135 (1.35 mm)
Thickness 1.15 mm, 1.35 mm
Colour orange
Construction Polyurethane, polyester carrier
Micro Hardness 80° Shore A (polyurethane top);.
70° Shore A (polyurethane bottom)
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